Proper equipment for unloading and loading shipments

Shipping isn’t just transportation. The cargo needs to be handled properly. Hence “shipping and handling”, crazy right? Handling deliveries is one of the most important parts of the process. Small to medium sized packages aren’t really as complicated but as you move into heavier packages in the hundreds of pounds, you need to have the proper safety knowledge and correct equipment.

The first piece of proper equipment you need is a lift gate. Lift gates or hydraulic lifts are a piece of equipment attached to the back of the transportation vehicle that will raise and lower slowly. The important thing about lift gates is that they are made to handle extremely heavy objects, usually up to 6000 lbs. This allows for usually difficult objects to be moved between the vehicle to the forklift in a manner that is safe for the package and for those responsible for moving it. These lift gates were actually invented around 70 years ago and are still used today. Obviously the technology has changed and advanced a lot but the principle machine is around.

Other equipment needed would be restraints to keep the objects from tipping, sliding, or whatever other unwanted movement can happen while moving from one spot to another. There are a variety of restraints available such as rope, steel cable, and webbing. And then the third piece which was previously mentioned is the forklift to take it to its next in-house destination. Most likely to a different liftgate on a vehicle heading somewhere else or from the cargo bay to a temporary storage area.